1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

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What is the track listing? It also has songs I recognize like Blueberry Hill and Blue Monday and of course those are amazing classics. The whole album is pretty great accept for one song called La La which is hokey. Fats could get hokey like this one song he has, not on this album thank god, where he makes little kissy noises while singing and I want to punch through time but that is avoided on this record and it's just straight up piano rock and roll.

This list has his first album and Manassas which I'd never heard of. But this song is the worst, blech.

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The rest of the record is pretty good though! Best of all is the music trivia that can impress your equally music nerd friends- it is the only studio album ever where Hendrix and Clapton play.


I really really just like Stephen Stills voice. It's like, technically very strong while still sounding natural. I never really thought about his voice before I'd always heard him singing with other strong singers.

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Now at work I'm checking out this Manassas double album and it is pretty neat. Wikipedia told me that they became a band sort of by accident put together to support Stills on tour and isn't that kind of the best thing about music, when things just work out that way 'cause dudes jam good together? Since this is a first listen and at work I'm just letting the general sound of this killer band wash over me without noting what song is which also 'cause there's LOTS of songs. You know, I've always been and will continue to be a big defender of hip-hop and electronica and music that isn't necessarily "real bands" but sometimes, yeah, nothing beats a "real band" either.

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1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, corrected.

I was given this book as a gift. But after perusing it, it just sits on the shelf, I never read it. Rackmacko , Jul 8, It's much more diverse.

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  • 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (Complete Unofficial List).
  • I've found bought a few albums based on the book. That said, the list in the OP looks pretty good. Location: Fonthill, Ontario.

    I have it and think it's actually pretty good. I bought several discs on the list that I had never heard and I'm glad I did. Dennis Metz , Jul 8, Location: Dublin, Ireland.

    The 1001 Albums to Hear Before You Die Series: A Short One For The End Of April (30/1001)

    Technocentral , Jul 8, Sordel likes this. Location: Toronto, Canada. There are few albums that I would die if I had to hear them!!! Find in store.

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    You'll find a mouthwatering choice of listening here: from Miles Davis's jazz landmark Kind of Blue to David Bowie's tragic final release Blackstar , alongside groundbreaking releases by contemporary artists. As well as the acknowledged milestones without which no collection is complete, you'll discover many unexpected treats, such as Einsturzende Neubauten's power tool-enhanced soundscapes and Aphex Twin's sonic troublemaking. Fascinating insights and trivia accompany detailed reviews of each album.

    What did Time magazine consider the twentieth century's greatest album? Which anthem by Prince was an attempt to emulate Bob Seger? The release dates are chosen from the date the album first released in the artist's home country, and the version is the first one released, which would affect The Beatles' album tally.

    In most cases, bonus tracks added for later versions are ignored. The editors also attempted to ensure that each album profiled was still available for purchase.

    Albums You Must Hear Before You Die | Nebelmeer

    Soundtracks that were not original material from a particular artist were also excluded. In February , Publishers Weekly called the book a "bookshelf-busting testament to music geeks' mania for lists" and said it was "about as comprehensive a 'best-of' as any sane person could want". The reviewer added: "For music lovers, it doesn't get much better. Most of the book's recommendations are rock and pop albums from the Western world.

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    The rock and pop albums include such subgenres as punk rock , grindcore , heavy metal , alternative rock , progressive rock , easy listening , thrash metal , grunge and rockabilly. Classical and modern art music are excluded. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.