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He can also:. A little help from the non-nursing parent will go a long way towards giving mom the much-needed support she needs right now. Tips to consider include:.

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If your partner is nervous about breastfeeding, he may be worried about the stress it could put on your or your relationship. Or he may not have had male role models who supported their breastfeeding partners. Your best bet is to be kind, encouraging, and to try get him to open up — not force him to change his mind. Figuring out what, specifically, is troubling him is a great first step. Can we talk about it?

Let’s Start with What Makes Breastfeeding Different

Can we research it together? You could even enlist some man-to-man help: Does your partner have a friend whose wife breastfed or is still breastfeeding?

Maybe that dad would be willing to help dispel some of your partner's fears. Keeping Dad in the know can also help him feel more invested in breastfeeding, so share the breastfeeding basics with him. Let him know that breast is best when it comes to feeding your baby: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding exclusively through six months of age and then continuing to breastfeed even after solid foods are introduced, until at least 12 months and thereafter for as long as mutually desired.

Let him know, too, that research shows his involvement and support can help extend the time that you continue to nurse. When a dad or non-nursing parent nurtures, cuddles, and responds to an infant's needs, a lifelong bond will starts to develop. This crucial relationship will allow a child to feel close to both parents, and help him feel safe and secure as he develops.

Breastfeeding How To

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Daddy Duty

First Year. Baby Products. My wife had been struggling day and night to get her breast milk flowing. While we supplemented with formula in the first few days, we hoped it would be a rare occurrence. We were all miserable, and at a certain point it became clear that the breast milk would not be enough.

Does Bottle Feeding Really Promote Bonding with Dad?

But would switching to artificial milk consign our son to years of earaches and, eventually, diabetes and asthma? Our turn to formula , though, ended up being one of those unanticipated twists of parenthood that I look back on with the most gratitude. Evidence-based guidance. Personal stories that matter.

Sign up now to get NYT Parenting in your inbox every week. Those blue plastic boxes of white powder, which at first seemed like a sinful corporate invasion of our sacred family space, introduced an equality and a peace in our home that seemed impossible in those first hellish weeks. Even more unexpectedly, it gave my relationship to my son a depth that I, as a father, would have otherwise missed out on, and that has continued long after he stopped drinking from a bottle.

I can still remember the calm that came over him when I finally gave him that first bottle and he began sucking, and then kept going. He lay there, nestled in my forearm, and let me gaze at him. For a baby who had been constantly hungry and fussy, this moment was a wonderful gift. So my wife and I dug into the facts on breast-feeding. I was shocked by how little scientific consensus there was to support my assumption that breast milk was some sort of miracle health tonic.

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When a team of scientists reviewed the hundreds of studies that have been done on breast-feeding for the Department of Health and Human Services in , they found some evidence suggesting that breast-fed babies were slightly more resistant to ear infections, stomach flu and a few other illnesses during their first year. For the longer term, researchers have found a correlation between formula and an increased incidence of diabetes and obesity, but many argue that the connection is almost impossible to tease apart from the broader socioeconomic environment a baby is raised in. Whatever the scientific reality — and by this point I was not an unbiased reader — the research put my anxieties to rest enough that I could start to appreciate what the formula was doing for my relationship with my son.

I had heard about the shot of endorphins that mothers got during feeding.