Energy Conversion for Space Power

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The fundamentals of wireless power transfer for the SPS application are reviewed, including a discussion of retrodirective beam control approaches. A survey of related technology research and development campaigns for energy conversion and transmission modules for recently proposed modular architectures is outlined.

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  4. Advances in solid state amplifier technology with relevance to SSP are reviewed, with areas of particular criticality highlighted. Performance metrics for proposed SPS systems and their components are enumerated, and efforts to design, fabricate, and test a prototype conversion module operating at 2.

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    Also, through the novel application of appropriately designed and fabricated semiconductor heterostructure cathodes, the efficiency is being further improved by the photon-enhanced thermionic emission process. Skip to main content. Microscale-enhanced thermionic emitters will enable high efficiency solar to electrical conversion by taking advantage of both heat and light.

    Innovation Through the use of modern design tools and wafer-scale microfabrication methods, this project is demonstrating for the first time a manufacturable approach to thermionic energy converter production that overcomes the space-charge-induced efficiency limitations of traditional thermionic devices. Publications, Patents, and Awards J. Schwede, T. Sarmiento, V.

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    Utility to buy orbit-generated electricity from Solaren in 2016, at no risk