The Beat: Go-Go Music from Washington, D.C.

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With go-go music's local reach expanding rapidly, several venues around town that formerly catered to disco, funk, and blues, decided to open their doors to these new bands. While many of these venues are no longer around, they are common elements in the history of the music.

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While the invention of go-go music is well-storied in the Washington, D. It is interesting to note that even without tremendous commercial success, go-go music has thrived as a local industry. During the s and s, cassette tape recordings of live shows were sold by vendors and bands all over the city, functioning as a vibrant, secondary market for the music.

Through strategic and savvy management practices, these bands enjoyed decades of success and helped the music to remain relevant over the years. During the s, Washington, D.

The visible group consisted of tourists, the Washington elite, the federal government, and professionals who flowed in and out of the city. The invisible group was the largely African American, blue collar group that made up a fairly high percentage of the city's population. The music flourished because, much like blues and soul, it encapsulated the full range of experiences in these communities and brought joy as an inexpensive, fun, social expression.

For most, the history of go-go music is synonymous with the history of the people that created it and gave it life.

From the time of its inception, go-go music has existed as a raw, cultural asset that is owned equally by all of its D. If you listen carefully, within the raw percussion and the funky grooves, you'll hear the heartbeat and humanity of a very proud D. Is there a type of music that is unique to your hometown? What combination of people, resources, and landscape resulted in a musical innovation where you live?

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Go-go, the funky, percussive music invented in Washington, D.C.

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Blog Home About Archive. Go-go, the funky, percussive music invented in Washington, D. By William Reynolds and James K. Zimmerman, June 9, Related Blog Posts. Happy th Birthday, Les Paul! June 9, , is an important day for the guitar and music world: It is the centennial of the birth of Meet the titans of jazz: A guide to LeRoy Neiman's fantasy jam session.

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When serious jazz fans namedrop their favorite musicians and their copious nicknames , it can be a bit intimidating for those of us who Hair band history: Teasing hair and playing rock 'n' roll. Rocking leather jackets, teased hair, and loud music, Nova Rex traveled across America in the s and early s, living the rock 'n Subscribe to our feed Subscribe by e-mail. Categories Philanthropy. Star-Spangled Banner. Religion in America. Race to the Museum. Object Project. Public Programs. You Asked, We Answer.

Go-go, the funky, percussive music invented in Washington, D.C.

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Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview A history of the distinctive, capital sound that fuses hip-hop, funk, and soul The Beat! In this new edition, updated by a substantial chapter on the current scene, authors Kip Lornell and Charles C. This styling reflects the District's African American heritage. Its super-charged drumming and vocal combinations of hip-hop, funk, and soul evolved and still thrive on the streets of Washington, D.

Go-go--the only musical form indigenous to Washington, D. The book chronicles its development and ongoing popularity, focusing on many of its key figures and institutions, including established acts such as Chuck Brown the Godfather of Go-Go , Experience Unlimited, Rare Essence, and Trouble Funk; well-known DJs, managers, and promoters; and film- makers who have incorporated it into their work.

Now updated and back in print, The Beat! Product Details About the Author. Average Review.

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